10 ways to create a stylish TV wall in the living room

When you think of the interior designs of modern living rooms, they have an important element in them – entertainment or TV walls. While pop culture depicts this trend in various ways (for instance Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. saying, “You don’t own a TV? Where is all your furniture pointed at!”), we all prefer a well-set up entertainment walls that includes a television set, home theatre systems, speakers, and a whole lot more. Moreover, this TV wall must look stylish and chic in our living room design as well!

So if you are planning to get create an entertainment wall at home and spruce up your living room design, here are some ways you can do it –

  1. Accentuate the colours

The best way to create some style in your TV wall unit is to paint it with bold colours. Contrast it with a neutral colour palette in the rest of the living room, and watch your entertainment wall stand out. You can even choose to cover the space with gorgeous wallpaper patterns and mix it up a bit.

  • Put up a wall-mounted TV cabinet

To ensure style and comfortable viewing, go for a wall-mounted TV setup. It saves up on space and also elevates the look of the living room. You can use the open shelves in the TV cabinet to keep books, and perhaps some show pieces and photographs.

  • Install backlighting

If you want your TV wall to stand out even more, install backlighting with LED strips around the screen or behind the back panel. These LED strip lights can be colorful according to your preference, and give a very high-end look to your living room.

  • Add some depth to the TV

You can make the TV unit the focal point of the room by adding some depth to it- you can place a border around it using a laminate finish or veneer.

  • Introduce back panelling

It is a good idea to introduce back panelling to your TV unit to give it a more stylish appearance to home interior design. It will once again bring the television unit to a focus. If you go for a wooden back panel, it will add an element of warmth which will merge modern and traditional styles.

  • Smart storage

Install smart and sleek-looking storage on your TV wall to give it a posh appearance. It will also organize the unit and provide space to store all the TV accessories such as the remote, speakers, set-top box, and so on.

  • Make a stylish display

You can turn the TV wall into a stylish display of paintings, artsy photographs, and prints to make it more interesting and visually appealing.

  • Create niches

If you want to give your TV wall a more seamless, modern and high-end look, then you can include custom-cut niches within the display walls and install the TV screen and speakers within those niches.

  • Go for an all-white TV unit

A super cool idea to make your TV unit stand out and look sleek and high-end is to opt for an all-white TV unit. You can also make it matte finish to make it look stunning.

  • Make use of wooden slats

You can decorate the TV unit with vertical or horizontal wooden slats so as to create a sort of backdrop for the television. It looks tidy and adds texture to the space; it definitely sprinkles a modern sophistication to your living room design.

With these ideas of living room interior designs, you can totally elevate the look of your living room with a stylish TV wall!