3 Ideas for Brilliant Holiday Decorating

Every year at Christmas time families begin the ritual of dressing up the house for the holidays. Families gather together to celebrate and host homes are usually decked out in more holiday decorations than most respectable retail establishments. So, unless you are planning to spend the holidays in some remote location such as offshore living quarters on an oil rig, the decorating disease may have already captured you and held you hostage.

Not ready to give up on your holiday decorating plans yet? Then here are a few ideas of how to plan that decorating so that you have a great looking place that doesn’t leave you with a busted budget. Because it isn’t about how much you buy or filling the house with a hundred little dust catchers – it is about stating the meaning of the season in your home.

Don’t Lose the Holiday in the Ordinary

If you have a lot of great looking small holiday pieces you want to show off, don’t distribute them amongst all those other items on the bookshelves and mantles in your home. If you are like most of us, your bookshelves are filled with not only books but also with great memories. Between those glass jars of beach shells and mementoes of skiing holidays in the mountains, your collection of treasured holiday elves just might get lost.

So, this year instead of scattering them amongst everything else, clear the shelves of your year-round treasures. Put the spotlight on your holiday decorations so that they have the attention they deserve. Doing this will also give you a chance to pull together a complete holiday look that isn’t scattered with other images.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

While it is easy to see how you can end up with a scattered look from years of family treasures gathered over the years, why not organize them. If you are like many families you have an over abundance of holiday decorations, so you can afford to sift through them to find a theme for the year. It might be that you pick out only the kids old handmade decorations, add a few that have that same look and feel and keep your holiday decoration theme to handmade.

It might be that you choose only the glass and crystal from your grandmother’s collections and keep it simple this year. Whatever theme you choose, you can keep the look consistent with a bit of discipline and perhaps a new piece or two to add to the look for future years. Just don’t overdo it or go crazy buying all your holiday decorations based on this year’s latest style.

Hold That Glitter Gun!

If you are someone who loves to craft, and what decorator doesn’t have some of that in them, then you need to learn restraint with glitter. It is so easy this time of year to simply get that glue gun and box of glitter and add it to just about everything you see.

If you are considering adding glitter to the holiday candles, the mirror in the hall and perhaps even the dog’s collar, just put the gun down and walk away! You may need professional help in the end, but you can cure yourself of the need to add glitter to everything over the holiday.