A Quick Guide to Choosing a New Kitchen

Tired of navigating your way about a tired, out dated or dilapidated kitchen? Here is a quick guide to choosing or creating a new kitchen, whatever your budget.

Replacing a Kitchen

Replacing an existing kitchen involves ripping out the current fixtures and furniture whilst retaining the gas, electric, plumbing and gas fittings. Hence, it is time to replace a kitchen when the furniture, tiles and fashion are looking shabby, out of date, worn, tired and are no longer up to scratch either in terms of style or function, but when the layout works perfectly fine for you and your family.

Financially speaking, replacing a kitchen is neither the cheapest nor is it the most expensive means of getting a new look. That is, it is certainly less costly to replace a kitchen than to redesign one. Yet, it is more expensive to replace a kitchen than to simply replace broken or worn fixtures and fittings to give the room a fresh appearance. Those looking to replace a kitchen entirely can roughly estimate the cost by using the information provided here via the Home Advice Guide website.

As there is no standard size of a kitchen and the size will determine to a large extent the cost of buying and having a kitchen fitted, it is not very useful to provide an average figure created by adding the most expensive and least and everything in-between and diving by the number taken into account. What is far less difficult to provide those hoping to replace their kitchen is the advice to always turn to a reputable, established and highly spoken of team or company such as Aston Designs, a leading kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes, who even if you opt not to employ them provide the perfect example of a reputable company from which to compare all others.

Redesigning a Kitchen

A kitchen redesign differs from replacing a kitchen because it almost always involves moving things around and reconfiguring a space to some extent. For some people it is the desire to replace a dated or just dilapidated kitchen that leads them to decide to redesign their kitchen space in some part, or entirely. In other instances a kitchen might in fact be entirely functional and even still fashionable, but a family might have newly moved in or just be tired of managing in a space that does not work for them and their family. In both instances, a redesign is the best choice.

The kitchen being a room in which most of the furniture is likely to be fitted and the appliances requiring an expert electrician, gas person and / or plumber to fit (at least if you do not want to void your home insurance policy), redesigning a kitchen is no small feat. This is especially true when moving the location of cookers, sinks and dishwashers.

Hence and consequently, a kitchen redesign can very quickly eat up a budget and end up costing more than initially intended. For this reason, it is worth, when considering a redesign, taking an in-depth look at your reasons for desiring one and assessing your options ahead of taking any further action, and to ensure you make the right choice. To begin doing this, a fantastic place to turn to is the Which? Website, Planning a Kitchen: Kitchen Design Ideas article.

Refacing a Kitchen

For those unable to afford or unwilling to fork out to replace or redesign their kitchen but who are fed up with its current aesthetics, refacing might be in order. Refacing a kitchen is, after all, the most financially savvy means of entirely changing the look of a kitchen.

Refacing a kitchen involves replacing cupboard and drawer fronts, small appliances (such as opting to co-ordinate kettles, toasters, scales and microwaves) and perhaps replacing broken or outdated tiles, or simply covering them with a steel sheet splashback or laminate tile stickers. As well as saving you money and the upheaval of having the workmen in, refacing provides an opportunity to get hands on, creative and can (depending on the number and nature of the surfaces you plump to resurface) be completed in as little as one day.

Further, there are a myriad of ways to alter the veneer of a workable kitchen and create a stylish looking space without calling in the experts. To discover many of them and get some inspiration, as well as learn just what is possible, a great place to turn is the Houzz website guide: How to Reface Your Old Kitchen Cabinets.