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Always Thinking As an Architect


If you are planning to become effective in getting good projects that you would like, you need to stop thinking as an architect regarding your marketing OR you need to employ marketing that wasn’t produced by someone thinking as an architect (whether or not they are or aren’t a designer themselves….does not matter).

We as architects/designers are very frequently responsible for applying our architectural filters because the high and mighty architect onto our marketing without considering what our message must say in the client’s point of view (hum…the customer writes the check…so perhaps, just maybe, the marketing should talk to them greater than it will to the peers). Due to this “architect filter” we usually miss the objective completely with this promoting messages after which ironically are greatly disappointed within the poor results we receive from achieving what we should want from your efforts. Continue mind that ‘Networking’ does not count otherwise done in an exceedingly specific way.

I show types of marketing ads in the 18th and 19th centuries within my Marketing System that will out sell most of what’s printed in almost any Phone Book book these days…..exactly where did we go to date down the wrong path and prevent considering viewing the planet from your client’s perspective and what they’re trying to find available on the market?

Einstein stated It First. Tony Robbins Espouses It.

“Madness does exactly the same factor again and again and expecting spun sentences.Inch

Architect, are you currently doing exactly the same factor over and over and again….. and therefore are upset using the results. I certainly accustomed to fall under that category. Many architects fall under this trap unknowingly.

Furthermore the marketing reps that are attempting to sell you realize little about effective marketing that actually works (remember, works = verifiable roi), they likewise have hardly any understanding by what the architectural conditions and just what the daily realities are suitable for individuals clients in the general public that require your help.

The thing is, very couple of of those reps happen to be through construction by having an architect (or perhaps know anybody that has) that we’re selling the solution to. Besides this alllow for ignorance on their own part but worse, what this means is the marketing they offer you does not possess the right message whatsoever. Rather from the marketing performing just like a perfectly performed swan dive it ends up carrying out a big belly flop within the public pond of messages and in some way many of us are surprised if this achieves this.

One big reason the Architecture Marketing System works very well for architects is it is presented in the finish user (the walking client) perspective not OUR perspective from the “thinking as an architect” mindset OR in the unaware ad rep’s perspective.

Until I believed this out, I can not attempt to let you know the number of occasions my judgment was clouded towards what might have been a powerful marketing tactic however i either did not move forward using the piece/ ad/ letter/ postcard/ etc. or it got neutered to the stage it had become ineffective because of my own “thinking as an architect filter” as well as other “expert’s” suggest that did not understand what these were speaking about.

Sometimes the ‘other’ that place the kibosh on the great online marketing strategy was really my ‘other half’ who simply stated in my experience “I do not much like your marketing”…which quite honestly happens a great deal in professional practices, particularly in small practices.

Architect, unless of course your husband/wife/spouse belongs to my training course or would be a highly effective full-time direct response marketer, they are unable to render any opinion whatsoever in your marketing or provide you with useful advice of any sort.

Yes we love to it once the image looks good, which is recognized by AIA or magazines like Architectural Record, but it’s simply not what must be done to obtain the projects and also the results you would like.

Here’s the conclusion:

Switch off any “thinking as an architect” mentality and you will immediately see a general change in the way you see the world around your practice and exactly what it requires to design the best marketing message and techniques. Just by carrying this out one action, you’ll shift your opinions within the right direction for additional success using these projects regularly.

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