Benefits of Choosing Soda Blasting for Your Abrasive Blasting Needs

When it comes to abrasive blasting, there are a few different options. People are generally familiar with sandblasting, but this isn’t the only way to get the job done, nor is it always the most effective. Like anything, sandblasting has its negative side effects, and while the severity of these side effects depends on the material being blasted, it’s important to be aware of the alternatives so that you can avoid damaging your material.

One of the alternatives to sandblasting is soda blasting. Sometimes sandblasters can damage or warp the material they are blasting, damaging the underlying substrate in the process. When you need something a little more delicate, you can choose soda blasting instead.

What Is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is a safer way to blast surfaces, and while it works on all kinds of surfaces, it’s especially useful for those that aren’t as strong.

Rather than sand, soda blasters use a specifically-formulated sodium bicarbonate, which is essentially baking soda, hence the name of the process. The sodium bicarbonate is applied at high speeds but is far less abrasive than sand. The pieces also shatter on impact, eliminating the potential for scratching and other damages.

Soda Blasting Is Environmentally Friendly

Soda blasting is excellent because it’s more environmentally friendly. The formulated sodium bicarbonate is a non-toxic, food-grade material that is both water soluble and 100% biodegradable. Professional soda blasting in Perth is done with the highest quality of materials, and given that this is 100%, food-grade baking soda, soda blasting can be used in places where sandblasting can’t, such as kitchens.

Other Advantages of Soda Blasting

In addition to its gentle nature and environmental friendliness, there are multiple other advantages of soda blasting.

Compared to sandblasting, soda blasting can be easier to set up, as you typically don’t need to isolate things such as windows that are easily damaged. Since soda blasters are suitable for wood, plastic, and other delicate materials, there is less preparation.

Most of the time, soda blasting does not require water, which reduces set up time and environmental impact. It’s gentle, it’s quick, and it can remove years of build-up of residues and coatings. Its neutralising effects make it great for breaking down oil and fire damage.

Virtually Endless Applications

The applications for soda blasting are virtually endless. You can soda blast anything that you can sandblast, but you can also do more. Soda blasters tend to be better at removing paint and grease, and they are also great for deodorising mould and smoke smells. You can apply it to plastics, chromes, and wood, among other delicate materials.

Soda blasting services are entirely mobile, so if you need a blasting service, don’t hesitate to call your soda blasting professionals who can bring their services to you. This ensures that your soda blasting needs are taken care of on the spot and with speed, so you will be able to carry on with business in no time.