Best DIY Repair Tips

The Coronavirus pandemic has restricted a lot of us to stay at home since the very beginning. Frequently staying at home has led various individuals to try new things and take different approaches- whether this be fixing broken items or single-handedly completing DIY tasks. In most circumstances, it would be assumed that the older generation are more comfortable in completing the majority of DIY tasks. However, this isn’t true. Today’s younger generation are just as capable at completing these tasks and share similar levels of DIY knowhow. This article will outline just how each generation feels about completing DIY tasks, and highlight some DIY home repair tips.

How Each Generation Feels About DIY Tasks:

A study conducted by Chums suggests that Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z participants all feel as capable with completing the majority of DIY tasks around the house. One reason for this is due to the fact that Generation Z respondents claimed they ‘will learn how to repair something’ if need be; this supports a notion of willingness for the younger generation to learn and try new things. The study suggests that all age groups feel inclined to give DIY tasks a go, regardless of whether they have trouble in doing so- this proves the lack of generational divide which is so greatly assumed.

The Chums study suggests that Millennials and Generation Z participants would be more inclined to ask a family member or a friend for help with certain DIY tasks. Also, said participants would be more inclined to watch informative online videos regarding DIY if they were in need. This is due to the younger generation being more comfortable with technology, leading them to watch online videos to learn new skills.

Best DIY Home Repair Tips:

Watch online videos for support

If you’re unsure on how to complete a certain DIY task, don’t be afraid to ask the internet for help. Websites such as YouTube have various videos uploaded by professionals to aid you with your DIY tasks, and specific groups on websites such as Facebook can give you advice if you require further assistance.

Be cautious and know your limits

If you’re turning to the internet, you are probably unsure with what to do. Keep in mind that if you are completely unsure on how to complete a bigger DIY project, it’s more than likely most suited to a professional.

Leave dangerous tasks to the professionals

You may be able to handle a lot of DIY tasks by yourself. However, if the task is difficult or dangerous, you should always try to get a professional involved. Whether that be electrical work or a standard DIY task, if you’re ever unsure you should always call a professional.

Ask a nearby DIY shop for questions

DIY shops have various professionals on hand to assist you if you are in need. If you need to replace specific parts, try to bring as many parts as you can so the professional can help in the best way possible.

In conclusion, no matter what generation you are part of, there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you are unsure. With the help of professionals, the internet, etc., people of all ages can steadily increase their knowledge on the completion of certain DIY tasks.