Choosing a New Roof for Your Home

If you’re to get your money’s worth when buying a new roof for your home, or another residential property such as an investment property, for instance, you need to take a number of things into consideration. After all, this is a major investment and must be treated as such.

Know the Roof Components

Selecting the right roof for your home involves a good understanding of the roof components. Here’s a quick look at the components of a roof.

Sheathing – The sheet metal or boards that cover the house and are fastened to the rafters.

Roof covering – The material covering the other components, usually tiles, sheet metal, etc.

Roof structure – The trusses and rafters that support the sheathing on top.

Drainage – This is the roof’s design features that enhance or inhibit its ability to drain water.

Flashing – The materials, such as sheet metal, that’s installed to prevent water seepage.

Understanding the terminology involved is an essential part of researching your roofing options, plus having a good understanding of the terminology also empowers you to discuss your needs with roofing contractors providing home roofs in Perth. As you can well imagine, this will prove advantageous when exploring your residential roofing options.

What to Look for in a New Roof

There are a number of things that you need to look for and take into consideration when choosing a new roof. These include, but certainly are not limited to, the following:

New Roof for Your Home1

Durability and longevity – A new roof is a major investment so you must make sure that the roof you select for your home or investment property is durable and offers much in the way of longevity. You will find that most roofs come with competitive warranties these days, but still be aware that some roofs offer a greater lifespan than others.

Style of house – A new roof should complement the house, so definitely pay great attention to this important factor. The right roof can enhance the appearance of a property and increase its value, whilst the wrong roof can achieve just the opposite.

Natural disasters – Some areas are more prone to natural disasters, most notably storms and cyclones, than other areas. If you reside in an area that is often struck by natural disasters, it’s inherently important that you take these into account and select your new roof accordingly.

Costs involved – The costs involved are naturally very important and tend to influence the buying decisions of most homeowners. Whilst it’s important not to exceed one’s budget, it’s also very important that all homeowners take into account other considerations, like those discussed here, when selecting a new residential roof.

Eco-friendliness – It’s also important to focus on eco-friendly roofs as energy prices are set to rise for the foreseeable future. Focus your attentions on roofs that absorb little heat so as to reduce your need for air conditioning.

Naturally there is a lot more to take into account when buying a new roof that what has been discussed here, however, the points made here will surely prove food for thought for all homeowners.