Does Your Kenwood Mixer Need a Service?

If you own a Kenwood mixer, you will know that they are great machines. They are built to last.

I know people who are still using mixers that their grandparents or parents bought. However, normally these kitchen appliances have been carefully looked after. Usually the older mixers that are still going strong have been serviced on a regular basis.

Does it smell funny

Here is my guide to help you to work out whether your mixer needs servicing or not and push back the day you have to send your machine for repair. The cost of Kenwood mixer repairs has fallen over the past few years, but it is still an expense that you want to avoid for as long as possible. Getting your appliance serviced at the right time will certainly help with this.

Mixer Need a Service

Is it noisy?

Mixers are not the quietest appliances, but if your machine starts to get noisier than normal that could be a sign, it needs servicing. If you hear a grating noise, turn it off immediately and do not use it again until you have had your mixer checked over by a professional. A grating noise is normally a sign that something is seriously wrong, so stop the machine straight away.

Is it noisy

Does it smell funny?

Likewise, if you smell burning turn the machine off and get it serviced straight away. Continuing to use a machine that gives off a burning smell will not only lead to more damage being done it could also be dangerous.

Does it smell funny

Is it working as normal?

If you notice that your machine takes longer to do things that could be a sign that it needs a service. You may also notice that the machine slows intermittently. This can be a sign that the motor cogs are wearing, so get it serviced as soon as possible.