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Driveway Security – How To Keep Your Car Secure

Keeping your car safe from burglars is a prime concern for many homeowners. This means that you will need to make sure that your driveway is secure as possible. There are several different ways to ensure that your car is kept out of harm’s way and doesn’t become a target for thieves.

Read this helpful guide in order to learn more about driveway security.

Fit Your Garage With A Sturdy Door

The most effective way to keep your car secure is to park it out of view in a secure garage. Damaged or rusty garage doors can be easy for people to get past, so make sure to replace the door if it is in bad condition.

Shop around in order to find a suitable garage door which is completely secure. Visit http://www.auto-roll.com/roller-garage-doors-autoroll for fully-automated garage doors that will protect your car.

Install A Motion-Sensor Alarm On Your Garage Door

Installing a motion sensor alarm on your garage door will catch out anyone who tries to force their way into the garage. These motion sensors can be linked directly to the emergency services, so the police will be able to respond promptly to any alarms which are triggered. You can research different models before deciding which motion-sensor is the most suitable to install.

Fit The Car With A GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are an effective way to track the movement of vehicles. You will be able to see where a car is being taken in the event of it being stolen. You can test out several different GPS systems before choosing which one to install permanently on the car. The GPS should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that it is still working correctly.

Install Clamps On Your Car

Another good security measure is to fit clamps to the wheels of your car. Modern wheel-clamps are designed with multiple locks in order to make them difficult to remove. Clamps can also be fitted to the steering wheel of the car. You can test different clamps before choosing the most secure model.


Install A Password-Protected Gate

Driveways which are open-access are more vulnerable than those which have a security gate fitted. There are several different types of gates to choose from, including traditional key-locking or password-protected gates.

A gate which is protected by a password keypad will be harder to bypass than a gate which relies on a more traditional locking method. You can test several systems before choosing which one to install at the front of your driveway.

Regularly inspect the security system to make sure that there are no serious problems which could cause the gate to malfunction. Short-circuited wires or a damaged keypad will make the gate more vulnerable to being forced open by a burglar.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some useful driveway security tips to consider. Don’t hesitate to try as many of these options as possible.





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