Five Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Boiler Operating Efficiently

To keep your home’s boiler in good working order, it is important to have it regularly serviced. This will also help it run more efficiently, so you can save money on your energy bills when the weather turns cold. Here are five boiler maintenance tips to help keep the boiler in your home providing heat for many years to come.

Boiler Operating Efficiently

Yearly Service Needs

In order to keep the boiler in great condition, it needs to be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe engineer. The boiler will be inspected and checked for any problems, as well as cleaned. You should make an appointment with BlackhallPlumbing to have the boiler serviced early in the fall before the weather starts turning cooler, so you know it is ready when you need it to heat your home.

boiler in great condition

Run It in the Summer

To keep the boiler from seizing when it is not regularly used, you should run it briefly during the summer months. Turn the boiler on for about 10 to 15 minutes every few weeks during the late spring and summer. This will allow the fuel to circulate throughout the boiler and prevent it from seizing when it isn’t needed for heat.

boiler from seizing

Check the Pressure

If the boiler has lost pressure, then it will not work efficiently, which can put a strain on the boiler and cause it to work too hard. To make sure the boiler has adequate pressure, you need to check the pressure gauge and top off the boiler if necessary. The boiler manual will show you where the gauge is located. An engineer inspecting it can also show you where it is and how to read it.

Check for Problems

Even though you have the boiler serviced on an annual basis, you still need to look it over every once in a while to check for problems. If you spot cracks, leaks, or soot or hear any unusual noises, you need to call the plumber to have the boiler serviced. In addition, make sure the boiler is ventilated and remove debris or anything else that is blocking the flues, airbricks or vents.

Check for Problems

Being Safe

It is important to have a carbon monoxide tester with an alarm near the boiler in case a problem develops. Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable without a tester because it is odourless and invisible, and it is very deadly. Place the tester near the boiler so if there is a problem, the alarm can alert you and you can get your family and pets somewhere safe before calling to have the boiler repaired.

Being Safe

One way to check if there is a problem with the boiler is to check the colour of the flame. If the boiler is working correctly, the flame will be a clear blue colour. If it has a smoky or yellow appearance, you should immediately contact your plumber to have the boiler inspected and repaired if necessary. The boiler will last longer and work properly if you follow these simple maintenance tips.