How To Detect Defective Gas Pipes In A Renovated Home?

Gas and water pipelines serve as the backbone of home renovation. Gas leakage can lead to dangers of fire, explosion and asphyxiation.

A strange odor emitted from homes often indicates a sign of possible gas leakage. It is easier to detect LPG gas leaks but the odorless nature of natural gas makes it difficult to detect leaks. During home renovation and construction, gas pipeline leakage is detected by plumbers and construction firms.

Plumbers and modern-day home renovators make use of gas leak detectors to find the gas leakage points. Apart from the gas leakage detectors, there are other ways in which the leak can be detected. Read on to know more about gas leak detection.

How is gas supplied to homes?

Compressed LPG is supplied in cylinders to homes. Natural gas which is mined from inside the earth is filtered and supplied through underground pipelines to homes. The pipelines deliver the gas to the home appliances through a gas meter at monitored pressure.

How is gas utilized in homes?

Gas accounts for 23% of the residential energy needs across the globe. The appliances that are powered by gas in homes include:

  • Furnaces
  • Water heaters
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas fireplaces

Where does gas leakage occur?

Here are a few places where gas leakages can be detected.


Gas leakage can be detected near gas stoves and in pipelines at joints and couplings. It can be found at points where the gasket has worn out.

Home appliances

Old rusted appliances like furnaces, dryers, and heaters suffer from gas leakage issues.

In backyard

Gas leakage can be detected in the underground utility lines. Poor maintenance corrodes these lines thus leading to failures.

How to detect gas leakage?

Gas leak detection can be done easily through these effective ways.

Health Issues

Prolonged exposure to gas leakage causes physical side effects including dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headaches, suffocation and weakness. Gas poisoning can also lead to death.

Environmental changes

Gas leakage damages vegetation and plants. It causes condensation on windows. Gas leakage can also be detected through strange odors and sound.

Appliance malfunction

Gas-powered appliances when fail to serve their purpose like heating water or igniting indicate the possibility of gas leakage.

Gas bill fluctuations

A sudden surge in gas bills indicates a sign of gas leakage.

What to do in case of gas leakage?

Here is some best course of action to take during gas leak detection.

  • Evacuate people and animals from the place
  • Avoid using phones in close vicinity of a gas leak
  • Open windows and doors to make the gas escape
  • Contact gas plumber or gas company
  • During fire contact emergency services


Gas is green gold that impacts the economy of the world. As global netizens, it is a duty to conserve this gold. A small act of regular gasoline checks goes a long way in helping to eradicate gas borne tragedies and misuse of gas. So homeowners join the act and help make the world a better place for all.