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How to Recognize the Need for Air Duct Cleaning Services

Most of the homeowners ignore the need of air duct cleaning as long as they are getting cool air in summer and hot air in winter. All of a sudden, when the system starts to function less effectively, people start looking for the reasons behind it. Mostly, the air duct requires cleaning from time to time to keep the system in a good condition. It is strongly recommended to contact a qualified Duct Cleaning Staten Island company, which can help you get the effective system within your house. It is important to know when the right time to contact them. Some of the key points are explained below:

points explained below

Performance is diminishing

Initially, you will not face any problem in getting the desired results from your cooling & heating system. However, with the passage of time, you will notice that the performance of the system starts to diminish and the utility bills are getting higher. In order to save yourself from these hassles, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with a qualified air duct cleaning expert. He can visit your home and analyze it to offer the best suggestion.

Performance is diminishing

Take picture of the air duct

If you are not getting enough cool/hot air, it is the right time to check your system properly. In order to do so, you can take a picture of air duct and take it to the right HVAC Cleaning Staten Island Company. They can easily point out the areas where cleaning is required. Based on the pictures, they can even suggest you the best ways to get rid of all these problems. You can use vacuum cleaner if you see that it is not clogged completely. However, if you see that there is a lot of dust around it, it is the time to seek professional help.

seek professional

Look for the symptoms

If you observe that your cooling & heating system is not performing as desired, you should check the symptoms such as accumulation of debris on the register, dead insects and rodent droppings from the air duct. This way, you will be able to know that you need to call up a qualified professional.


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