The Beauty of a Victorian Bathroom

The Victorian-style bathroom design is one that speaks of style, elegance and fancy. If you live in a home that requires a bathroom refurbishment and you are searching for the right type of bathroom style to suit a traditional aesthetic, choosing a Victorian bathroom will bring you plenty of joy. Make sure that if you do decide to build this style of bathroom at your property, that you only use quality suppliers, experts in the field of that style and period of bathroom. To truly fit the bill it is important to have access to specialists in the field, delivering quality of materials, quality of finish and advice on how best to design your new Victorian bathroom.

Before committing to any fixtures and bathroom furnishings, think about the colour scheme that you would like to incorporate. Within many Victorian-era bathrooms there are natural tones. These whites and greys fit naturally to complement a Burlington freestanding bathtub or a large Period basin. From choosing the foundation of the room in its colour, everything else will build from that.

Once the colour scheme is chosen, next decide on what the focal point of the new room should be. For a grand, Victorian-style bathroom many people will focus on the bathtub. If you have enough space, purchasing a grand freestanding roll-top bathtub to sit in the centre of the bathroom is very appealing. It smacks of elegance and allows for luxurious, lazy and comfortable Sunday afternoons sitting in some bubbles whilst relaxing. If there isn’t quite enough space for that, don’t let it stop you from choosing stylish baths, shower fittings or basins that fit into that period’s style.

One way to finish off the look of a Victorian-era bathroom design is to think about the tiles. There are countless aesthetically pleasing tile designs from this period that can be used to complement and add a finishing touch to a bathroom design, or as a way of bringing the era to life in a space where there isn’t room for a large, grand freestanding bathtub. You can build a frame around the room with some beautiful tiles, or use them within the shower area alone. There is plenty of flexibility to add to the design.

Your choice of toilet, sink basins and shower or bath is vital. With high quality china, traditional taps and traditional chain pull flushes for the toilet, angular lines and bevelled edges, you can recreate the elegance of a Victorian bathroom with incorporation into a modern, functioning bathroom suite.

Another factor that is often overlooked when design a period bathroom is the choice of heating. Having the fancy bathtub and fittings can be ruined with a modern day radiator or heating rail in one corner of the room. Instead, why not go the distance and choose to install a traditional radiator that has a cast iron centre, is large and looks the part, whilst offering genuine warmth and comfort in terms of heating.

There are a few options available to you when designing a Victorian-era bathroom in your home. Take your time to research what works best for you, and purchase from specialist suppliers of Victorian bathrooms who will help you create the perfect space.