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The Different Types of uPVC Windows


There are a number of different types of uPVC windows that you can have installed in your home, and each has its own different advantages and uses. These windows are made out of uPVC, a special type of material that does not easily burn, is very durable, and is completely safe to use in any part of the home. The material is also relatively inexpensive, making uPVC windows very affordable. If you’re thinking about installing some of these high-quality windows in your home, you should learn more about the different types of windows available. One or two of these may fit your needs better than the others.

Tilt and Turn Windows

These windows look like traditional windows with one exception: instead of sliding upward, they tilt in at the top. These windows normally don’t tilt in all the way, either. Instead, they open at a small angle, just enough that you get all of the sounds and smells of a fresh spring day without worrying about your animals or children pushing through the screen or anyone using the open window as an opportunity to break in. Tilt and turn windows are perfect if you enjoy having fresh air blowing through your home and if you like sleeping with the window open.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are actually the opposite of tilt and turn windows. Instead of opening at the top, the bottom part of the window swings outward, creating a space that’s large enough to let in a nice breeze but small enough that a person could not crawl in through it. These windows do have an advantage over tilt and turn windows in that you can have them open when it’s raining since all of the rainwater will run down the glass and fall away from the house, rather than potentially coming inside as with an open tilt and turn window. You can easily buy uPVC windows in Melbourne at an affordable price if you like the idea of having windows open while still keeping your home secure.


Sliding Windows

Sliding windows made from uPVC will keep your home insulated from any extreme weather while providing you with a crystal-clear view of the outdoors. These windows slide open easily, letting plenty of fresh air and sunshine into your room. Worried about insects getting in? Simply add a retractable screen to keep them out. These windows are a great option if you want to save energy but also want to be able to fully open your windows.

Fixed Windows

If you don’t plan on opening your windows at all but still want to take advantage of everything that uPVC windows offer, you can install fixed windows in your home. These windows will insulate your home and save you energy while giving you total peace of mind. The only way someone is going to get into your home through these windows is to completely break the glass, and that’s hardly subtle. They also look great, too.