The Finest Quality Herb Selection For Various Purposes

Individuals who are gardening enthusiasts benefit significantly from the wide selection of herbs in the industry. The Growers Exchange works with three main guiding principles in providing a quality herb selection. The principles include chemical-free gardening, the growth of open-pollinated species plants, and the free information exchange with customers to keep them informed. Additionally, all customers get treated as neighbors, providing them with quality herbs. The quality services have been featured in Cooking Light, Fine Gardening, The Huffington Post, WSJ, SIERRA, and Richmond American Homes. There are different herbs categories provided, and they include the following:

Annual plants

Annual plants live their entire life cycle in one season., moving from seed to flower and back to seed before finally dying. The process includes the plant roots, stems, and leaves. Examples of the annual herbs include Ashagwandha, Basil Holy Green’, Basil ‘Genovese,’ and more, all of which vary in price. The provided products are of high quality and add beauty to the gardens where they get put. Walk through the options and choose the ones that best serve personalized needs.

Perennial plants

Perennial plants live more than two years, growing and blooming every summer and spring. During winter, the plants go dormant and get back during spring from their roots. To have the perennial plants grow well, one must ensure they pick the right one for their Hardiness Zone. The newsletter information provided guides on the various perennial plants to grow in different areas. Additionally, the herbs have been grouped in zones to further offer guidance on the right one to pick depending on the zone one is in. The different perennial plants include Chives, Garlic, Blue Star ‘Blue Ice’, Wormwood ‘Powis Castle,’ Lavender ‘Hidcote’, Lavender ‘Grosso’, and more.

Culinary Herbs plants

Culinary herbs help to add flavor to food and have people licking their fingers after enjoying the delicious meal. The culinary herbs provided are GMO-free and naturally grown, being sold live having been rooted in a standard 3.25” pot. Additionally, there is a collection that helps an individual find the right culinary plants for their unique needs. The different culinary plants offered include basil “Genovese”, Lemongrass, Tarragon “French’ Bergamot (Bee Balm), Bay trees, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile “Roman’ and more.

Medicinal Plants and herbs

Medicinal plants come in handy in manufacturing medicine used for treatment and healing purposes. The natural nature of the herbs improves their effectiveness in achieving improved health. The Growers Exchange offers naturally grown products with no chemicals added to them, making them quite beneficial for those used for medicinal purposes. The various medicinal herbs include Patchouli, Lemongrass, and more.

Rare and exotic herb plants

Rare and exotic herb plants get sold as plants and seeds. The plants are healthy, big, and well-rooted, ready to plant and blossom in the garden. The legal pot offered is 3.5 inches, and before a plant gets sold, it grows to the point where it is ready to be transplanted in the ground or an enormous container. Get the desired plant to make the garden look good and enjoy the numerous benefits of the herbs.