Tips to Consider to maintain Hedges

Woody, leggy, spindly, scraggly and yellowish are a few perfect words to describe the sad looking unkempt hedges that are probably bordering your yard right now. Thick and well planted shrubs can be great for defining borders to keep children and also pets in along with giving shelter and at time food to the birds. But, just like any shrubs, hedges require maintenance too. Here, we have a few tips that you must consider.

maintain  Hedges

Shearing hedges without hand-pruning them

Making use of shears whether they are hand-held pruners with long scissor like blades or power trimmer in order to take off extra hedge tips and branches to make the plant look tidy and neat is good but this can stimulate bud production at the edges of the plant. And as the bud grows, a shrub can get thicker; restricting the interiors growth making the hedge grows big every year looking lifeless.

Pruning at the wrong time

Technically, the hedges must be prune in late winter when the plants haven’t produced any buds. Evergreen hedges, in particular needs pruning early in the season as they are slow on the growing side and if the growth starts to show, they are more likely to go bare with off-color tips. The thumb rule of pruning is to wait until that day when bloom turns brown.

maintain Hedges

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Author Bio-Sammy Jane is a blogger and also an agriculture expert who loves to write about various tips and advices on plantation.