Ways to Wall Off a Room Without Building a Wall

Dividing a big living room can be a costly affair, especially if one is a tenant and has no plans of staying at a place for a considerable duration of time. Walling off a room may be the most effective and permanent solution but there are many innovative ways in which a living room can be divided without having to erect a permanent concrete wall.

Here are some state-of-the-art room divider ideas that are not only effective but also pocket-friendly and stylish. These ideas provide extra edge, colour, and texture while also creating a modern partition for the living room.

01 of 06 Build tall shelves

One of the most effective ways to partition the living room is to build shelves up to the height of the ceiling or a little below the ceiling. It is one of the easiest to implement room divider ideas as it provides for extra space while creating a modern and stylish look for the living room. One may either choose to build a closed shelf or an open shelf, according to one’s preference.

Using open shelves, especially building bookshelves, to divide the living room is ideal if one is not looking to enclose the two parts completely. Installing an open shelf would not only give the desired height and depth of a wall but also allow light to flow through freely between the two sections.

However, since the shelves or units used for the partition would be floating in the room, one has to ensure a strong anchoring so that the structure remains intact.

02 of 06 Use a metal chain link curtain

Another excellent room divider idea is to separate the two sections using a long metal chain link curtain across the breadth of the room. This will not only impose a little privacy between the two sections but also add a very modern look to the living room. It is a tasteful and artsy option of creating a modern partition for the living room.

03 of 06 Use a sofa or a big piece of furniture

One of the simplest ways to divide a living room is to strategically place a big piece of furniture to demarcate two distinct sections of the room. For example, one can place a big sofa, a console, or a credenza to organically create a small seating space while using the other side for other purposes- like creating a play area or a dining area.

This modern partition for the living room comes without the idea of permanency as the furniture can be shifted and moved as per convenience. It also allows light to spread through the entire space of the room- giving it the illusion of being bigger than its actual size!

04 of 06 Install lights from floor to ceiling

Although this option is not very cheap, it is one of the most inventive and artistic room divider ideas. It serves almost the same purpose as a metal chain link curtain while additionally providing a stylish light source for decorating the living room.

The lights that cover the length from the ceiling to the floor of the living room have to be chosen carefully. They must be in sync with the colour palette used for the other decorations in the living room.

05 of 06 Use dowel or rope installation

One can consider using a rope installation or a wooden decorative installation, which covers the length from the ceiling to the floor in order to creatively divide the two sections of a room. It is one of the humblest ways to partition a living room without making a big hole in one’s pocket.

This room divider idea is easily achievable as one can make rope and dowel installations without having to call upon carpenters or electricians. There are various DIY options with ropes and wooden dowels that can be explored to create a fantastic modern partition for the living room. Using such inventive methods adds flamboyance and style to a living room while also keeping the natural light intact.

06 of 06 Use big planters and plants

This is one of the most organic ways to divide a room. It not only adds a lot of colour to a room but also serves to make the living room warm and comfortable for guests.

It is most suited for people who have an inkling to go for organic and environmentally responsible designs. While implementing this room divider idea, one must keep in mind that the plants should be tall and leafy, creating a good boundary for the sections.