Why Slate Roofs Are an Excellent Choice

If you have decided that it is time to reroof your home, you are probably contemplating the choice of a material. For superior performance, you cannot beat a slate roofing product. This type of roofing material not only is durable but lends a beautiful appearance.

Increase Your Home’s Value and Kerb Appeal

A slate roof tile is made entirely of natural stone, and it presents a cleft surface with a lovely colour variation that is seen over the entire roof. As a result, your roof will display enhanced kerb appeal, an appeal that will increase the value of your property.

A Durable and Long-lasting Roofing Material

If you want a durable roof, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing slate. Slate roof tiles often outlast the buildings on which they are installed. If the roof is installed correctly and maintained, it can last as long as 150 years.

Environmentally Friendly

Do you want a roof that is environmentally friendly and sustainable? If so, slate roofing specialists recommend slate. According to professionals in the field, the natural stone’s material does not emit VOCs or other similar pollutants when it is manufactured. The stone can also be recycled after it has been used on a roof or if the tiles outlast the house.

A Fire-proof Roof

If you want to cut your energy costs, slate is a great choice, as well. The tiles insulate a home, and, in turn, lowers your energy bill in both the summer and the winter. Slate tiles are fire-resistant, too. If you want to lower your homeowner’s insurance, ask your agent about discounts available for installing a fire-proof roof.

As you can see, slate offers you a number of ways to benefit financially from a new roof installation. You just need to find out more about the product from a company that specialises in the installation of slate roofing materials, such as NSW Slate Roofing. Doing so will make it easier for you to choose slate as your roofing material of choice.

Full-service Roofing Services

When you go to a full-service roofer, he can provide you with a large number of traditional slate roofing services, such as diminishing slating, residential and commercial roof installations, slate repair, standard fixed slating, and lead work. Slate can be installed on public buildings, heritage buildings, schools, churches, and hospitals.

Maybe you have a gazebo that needs to be re-roofed. You can even add a slate roof to this type of structure. The roof can also be installed on a lean-to or porch. Slate, indeed, makes a difference when it is placed on a building. Whilst this type of roof may cost more, it is an expense you will not regret. Look online at the full services offered by slate roofing contractors today.