Room Furniture

Why the Best Furniture is Made in Asia

It is no secret that the best quality furniture is made in Asian countries, and there are several reasons for this. Asian furniture makers have access to many fine timber species, and coming straight from the source, they can secure low prices, while the cost of living is much lower than in Europe or the USA, which all adds up to low prices for top quality furniture.

South East Asia

The main producers of quality furniture are Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia, where local craftsmen build stunning furniture using the best materials. A Malaysia furniture exporter would offer their products at very competitive prices, much lower than any European furniture maker, and with the ability to meet high demands, businesses that furnish homes can make big savings.

Business to Business

There are special online portals, through which you can access Asian furniture makers directly, which cuts out the middleman, and with an impressive catalogue of styles, there’s something for everyone. In the event a European company were looking for a high volume of quality furniture, it would be possible to have the units made to their own design, and with low prices and reliable deliveries, the supplier in Europe can plan their business accordingly.

Traditional Skills

Asian people have been making furniture for thousands of years, and although their factories use state of the art woodworking machinery, they still pride themselves in their ability to make top quality furniture. If you were walking around in a Malaysian furniture factory, for example, the equipment would be similar to that found in a German factory, and this allows them to meet large volume orders.

Excellent Quality Control

The factories in Malaysia, for example, all have a very strict QC department that ensures every item is thoroughly inspected before being passed as export quality, and this gives you peace of mind. If your business involves supplying quality furniture, you should search online for a B2B furniture portal, where you can connect with the best Asian furniture factories and deal with them directly.

Perfect for the Retail Furniture Industry

If you own a few furniture stores in the UK, for example, hooking up with an Asian furniture factory directly would enable you to purchase quality items at the lowest possible prices, giving you a valuable edge over your competitors. Using an online portal, you are bypassing the exporter in Asia, and also the UK importer, as you are buying from the manufacturer, and that means bigger profit margins.

Visit the Factory

If you are thinking of placing a large ongoing order, it would be best to arrange to visit the factory where the items are made, and the manufacturer would be happy to arrange a visit. This gives you a first-hand view of how the furniture is made, and should you wish to change the design a little, the chances are that they can do this.

If you are looking for a high volume of quality furniture, there are 5-star furniture factories in Asia who can supply you with everything you need, and at very affordable prices.