7 Best Sun-loving Herbs to Plant in Your Garden


Herbs offer many benefits, including medicinal properties, food seasoning, and shade against intense sun rays. When growing, herbs require different nutritional requirements, soil types, sunlight exposure, and general care. While others tolerate much shade, others require bountiful sunlight or balanced conditions.

For instance, full sun herbs thrive in abundant sunshine, usually not less than 6 hours of exposure per day. If you have a sunny garden and are looking for a suitable herb to plant, try the following sun-loving herbs.

Garlic Chives

Chives are famous for their aesthetic appeal and intriguing flavor. For this reason, they form a great taste when incorporated into various home recipes. Although they’re similar to garlic, they don’t have the pungent garlic smell.

Garlic chives do exceptionally well in full sunlight and well-drained soils rich in humus. Moreover, these fantastic herbs can survive in small vases, hence ideal for sunny spots on your balcony. And don’t forget to add vital minerals and nutrients to your herbs to boost your harvest.

With proper care, you can harvest garlic chives throughout the seasons, giving them an upper edge over regular garlic.


Chervil forms the list of full sun herbs to grow in your garden. Although they survive under full sunlight, Chervil requires relatively cooler temperatures. If you need a bounty harvest, grow chervil herbs in full sunlight and well-drained soils.


Rosemary is an evergreen herb whose needle-like leaves can spice many cuisines. For instance, you can sprinkle Rosemary leaves on grilled meat and boiled potatoes.

The herb can attain a height of up to 150 cm under adequate care and good planting conditions. In addition, it requires full sunlight, little water, and well-drained, light soil.


Mint is relatively easy to grow if you find a suitable ground. However, most people prefer growing the herb in containers for easy management.

Like other herbs, mint requires the right conditions, including sufficient nutrients and well-drained soils. To boost moisture retention, you should also remember to apply mulch around the plant’s roots.


Parsley is yet another full sun herb commonly used in the kitchen. Therefore, if you have a sunny spot around the home, it would form part of your planting list.

Parsley requires well-drained soils to allow water into the root system and prevent water logging. Before planting parsley, ensure adequate soil preparation and efficient nutrient supply.


Lavender has unlimited uses ranging from home decoration to making herbal tea. Its leaves are also vital for medicinal use, thanks to their ability to fight bacteria and produce a soothing effect.

The herb has wide varieties, with different endurance characteristics. For instance, some endure freezing while others aren’t cold-hardy. Therefore, you should select the right type that matches your garden condition. Like other full sun herbs, Lavender requires full sunlight and adequately drained soil.

Summer Savory

Finding a herb that’s easy to grow and endures full sunlight is difficult. Summer Savory is one of such hardy herbs. Besides sufficient sunlight, Summer Savory also requires a well-drained soil rich in plant nutrients.