Guide to Choosing Vanity Units for your Bathroom

Designing the interior of your bathroom is easier these days with a huge range of different types and styles of vanity units for the bathrooms available in the market. Getting hands-on with picking the one that fits the homeowners taste and design visualized is now easy for most individuals. Vanity units help to maximize the space in your bathroom by putting together a ceramic basin with a suitable storage cabinet beneath. The idea is to help you keep your bathroom free from clutter, by utilizing the storage cabinet. So how then can you find a vanity unit that is fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

Focus on functionality

Bathrooms came a long way since it was considered in interior designing business. A typical bathroom should have the four basic functionalities or areas i.e.storage, surface and washing areas, and a mirror for use. Surface areas should be enough to hold several items for individuals using the bathroom, or an area to keep your towel to dry, keep your lotion or soap. Washing area should accommodate the number of people who constantly use the bathroom. The storage area that comes with the vanity unit should have enough space for all the users of the bathroom.

Familiarize yourself with the available types

There are different types of vanity units out there, getting to know the available types will help you in choosing the type that suits your purpose. Wall mounted units are convenient for small to medium sized bathrooms. It allows a wider floor space, and makes the bathroom larger. You should also note that the common standard unit consists of a sink, and a mirror cabinet to hold the toiletries, medications, and other personal hygiene items. The corner unit is ideal for bathrooms of small space area. It is not a popular choice for vanity units in the bathrooms but it is helpful in the usage of a free corner where two adjacent walls meet, and leave the rest of the bathroom free for other use.

Foot traffic and floor space are important

You need to realize that a wall mounted unit will allow extra space below it for storage, while the corner unit will isolate the activity in the corner, which will allow the rest of the bathroom free for any other accessories or use. In choosing the size and style of vanity units, always consider the floor area you have in your bathroom, because it is important to have some space left in the bathroom for moving around.

Keep style in mind

Apart from the plethora of designs, material used, surface texture, sizes, and colors of vanity units, manufacturers can tailor the vanity unit for bathrooms depending on the consumers needs. Thus offering different styles and designs. BellaBathrooms provide different kinds of modern vanity units with modern designs, which are sold at affordable prices. So when next you want to get a spectacular vanity unit for your bathroom, all you need to do is choose from the available units at Bellabathrooms.