Resurfacing Your Concrete Path

If your driveway is looking a bit old or cracked, you may not need to completely replace it. Sometimes, you may need a resurfacing. Before you begin, be sure that the weather is appropriate. The temperature must have remained above freezing for at least twenty-four hours before you begin the following steps. There is not a limit on how heat; however, the higher the temperature, the more quickly the mixture will dry.


You will need the following materials to resurface your driveway: a power washer, concrete resurfacer, a drill, a mixing bucket, a squeegee, and a concrete broom. Having long-handled supplies will help you complete the job more easily.

  1. Clean

Before you can begin to repair concrete driveways in Mount Waverley, the driveway needs to be clean. The best way to clean a driveway is to rent a power washer. Be careful using the power washer, and do not stand too close to patch you are cleaning to avoid a strong kickback from the device. This step may take anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on the size of your driveway. Once the surface has been completely cleaned, then you can work on the concrete.

  1. Mixture

You will need a concrete resurfacer. There are various types, and the name is not important. The ingredients should contain a mixture of sand, cement, and polymer modifiers. When you are mixing, you should avoid hand mixing, as this can leave your concoction lumpy. If possible, use a drill that is outfitted with a paddle mixer to create the best mixture. First, dump three to three and a half litres of water into a five-gallon bucket. Slowly add the concrete resurfacer while continuing the mixing process. Once added completely, continue to mix for five minutes. Mixing the substance in small amounts at a time can help keep it from hardening too quickly.

Concrete Path

  1. Resurfacing

The mixture will remain workable for about thirty minutes. The hotter the day, the faster it quickens. Have a helper continue the stirring as you begin to resurface.  Pour the mixture over a small area and use a squeegee to spread the material back and forth across the driveway. After you allow the mixture to set for five minutes, you can give it an additional smooth finish by using a wide-headed concrete broom to stroke the driveway in one direction.

  1. Finishing

If the weather is extremely hot when you apply, you should mist or sprinkle the driveway with water a few times a day to keep the concrete from drying in a cracked fashion. To allow for the surface to completely dry, wait at least twenty-four hours before walking on the driveway. After twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you should be able to park your vehicle on the driveway safely.

These are the only steps you need to resurface your driveway. You will still have a solid base underneath, and you will have a fresh new look on top.