How to Prevent Household Bugs from Infesting Your Bathroom? 

Nearly 84% of residential property owners experience a severe pest infestation problem in the United States. Three out of every five families fail to get rid of an infestation of bugs from their houses that include cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and termites. These annoying pests can wreak havoc on a home and quickly take over the kitchen and bathroom if the homeowner or other family members don’t act timely.

It is essential to spot disease-spreading bugs in your bathroom before it’s too late and exterminate them right away to keep the place clean and hygienic. You and your loved ones could fall sick any day if the toilet in your residence is infested with pests that carry a host of infectious diseases. Hire a professional exterminator Marlborough to eradicate the entire population of bugs from your bathroom and other rooms.

Common insects and critters are often seen in many houses, like infesting bathrooms the most compared to any other indoor sections. Mainly because of the typical environment of a toilet – dark, warm and moist – pests prefer dwelling, hiding and reproducing there. Hence, if you do not avail of professional pest control services at frequent intervals and stay away from taking key measures on your own, you will have to deal with an infestation of bugs.

Here’s what you can do to restrict bugs from entering your bathroom.

Remove Moisture As Much As Possible

Unless and until one takes precautionary steps, they can’t get rid of trouble-causing insects from your toilet and the entire house. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the environment of your bathroom doesn’t attract bugs. Try to remove excess moisture using a humidifier. Ensure you keep the air ceiling vents in your washroom open before and post taking a shower.

Repair Plumbing and Drainage Problems

Clogged and stinky bathroom drains help boost the growth of pests like cockroaches. So, it is crucial to clean the drain routinely to keep bug infestation in your bathroom at bay. You should also repair plumbing issues without delay if you really do not want bugs to turn your fresh and clean toilet into an unhygienic place. Get in touch with a professional plumber if you notice drainage or plumbing issues.

Seal Crannies and Cracks

You will be responsible, being the homeowner, if you delay sealing every existing and potential crack and opening that you discover around your bathroom wall. Also, you have to take the initiative right away to fix broken window screening to check the growth of disease-transmitting bugs in your washroom. Know that putting off the work that’s the need of the hour will only put you in further trouble.

Clean Bathroom Everyday

Make sure that you clean the bathroom daily and keep it as dry as possible. You won’t have to experience an infestation of bugs and put your and other family members’ health at risk if you diligently clean the space where you wash clothes and shower. Use a cleaning spray to disinfect your bathroom and ensure it stays hygienic.

Do what’s mentioned above responsibly to ensure that no bugs can take over your bathroom and spread contagious diseases. Get in touch with a reputable pest exterminator if you need help to get rid of bugs in your washroom.