The Right Way to Deal with Outdoor Noise Reduction


Not many people are aware of how a sound wall barrier can bring a better difference. It is quite simple when it comes to operation and the concept is easy to understand too. Rather it is one of the simple solutions in the whole acoustics field. It works more like a barrier or in other words a wall in which there is a hard surface. This surface could be made of concrete, wood, or even brick. The surface is carefully designed so it turns out to be durable and strong for a long time. But while choosing a quality barrier option, one needs to understand how to use it for the right purpose.

How Outdoor Noise can be harmful?

No matter whether for animals or humans, excess noise can damage the ear, disturb mental stability and disrupt the whole routine. According to the National Institutes of Health, it has been stated that the hearing loss that happens due to excess noise, even its exposure for one time can create a lasting negative impact. There are so many scenarios wherein the on-site worker needs ear protection but not everyone is lucky to get such. The noise pollution can happen due to commercial spaces undergoing construction or growing industrial facilities that could affect the other surrounding.

How does the sound wall barrier work?

As said earlier, the sound wall barrier is quite simple and easy to understand. There is no complex process involved in it at all. Rather, it has a modular panel system that is designed for outdoor noise reduction. The wall is used in the outdoor area for controlling mechanical noise or even transportation or HVAC noise. There might also be other disturbing noises that often air handling tools or chillers may create. Such a barrier can do wonders in such cases.

This type of barrier wall is designed to ensure that it stays durable in the changing environment as the composite construction is used. Such design shall block the noise that could be harmful and ensure the sound energy is absorbed possibly. In terms of pricing, well, it is the most cost-friendly yet durable choice that one can make.

Applications for Sound Barrier Walls:

  • Cooling Tower
  • Any outdoor noise sources
  • Sound Barrier Walls for HVAC
  • Rooftop HVAC equipment
  • Outdoor air-cooled screw chiller noise
  • Substation and transformer
  • Cooling units for data center
  • Industrial and commercial mechanical equipment
  • Dust collector, blower, and compressor
  • Chiller HVAC sound barrier walls


The good news is sound wall barrier is a great option to stay protected against unwelcomed noise pollution. It is usually treated with the right coating system so the surrounding areas can be matched with it. Besides, it looks aesthetically appealing. Such a system shall lessen down the unwelcomed noise and make it down to the acceptable level. Besides, it can also help in improving the unpleasant view. It is categorized into options like absorptive barrier wall systems and reflective wall systems which are often used for a rooftop. Make the right choice and use the correct sound barrier wall application.