Tips for Lighting up Your Home’s Exterior in Pittsburgh

Residential outdoor lighting design can light up a dark driveway or garden, add flair to a façade, and highlight a focal structure or tree in the backyard. Your goal could be to light up your yard or illuminate patios and walkways to prevent falls and slips at night. Here are incredible tips to light up the exterior of your home.

Establish Your Outdoor Lighting Goals 

Homeowners need to establish their outdoor lighting goals so that they can think out of the box. Defining their goals will allow them to cover all their landscape lighting elements. You will want to consider the local climate, the uses of the residence, the effects of lighting on your kids, and how a landscape lighting design will complement with the architecture of your home. Most people light up their outdoor deck and pathways to improve the safety of their family. After familiarizing yourself with outdoor lighting perspectives of Pittsburgh, seek the assistance of a specialist in outdoor lighting.

Consider LED Lighting 

Unlike other lighting options, LED can withstand any inclement weather, vibrations, and shock, and that makes them a preferred outdoor lighting option. LED bulbs will outshine the storm when snow and ice bury the ground and wind howls. LEDs are a perfect choice for homeowners that want a unique light up at their home. You are free to either brighten or dim LED lighting sources to create complex lighting effects.

Take Advantage of Lighting Timers and Controls 

One thing that annoys almost every homeowner is to stay around to turn on lights in the evening and off every morning. Preset dimmers and timers can help keep a home light up at all the time with minimal effort. Lighting controls and timers can help homeowners create a stunning outdoor lighting design and maintain the safety and functionality of their home.

Prevent Light Pollution 

Homeowners can use glare guards and shields to reduce the effects of light pollution to an outdoor lighting project. The light that shines on the windows and home of your neighbors can cause more harm than good. Thus, positioning can help homeowners avoid landscape light pollution.

Use the Right Lighting Fixture 

Homeowners have access to a plethora of outdoor lighting fixtures. Some create a soft glow on the exterior of home while others accent a precise focal point. As such, it’s crucial to understand how each lighting fixture can be used to light up a garden bed to get the desired results. For example, homeowners can use wash fixtures for illuminating garden walls, privacy fences, and flat facades. Contrary, bullet fixtures are known for their compactness and versatility. Homeowners can use them to light up focal points such as garden statues and unique architectural features.